We know that when your holiday comes to a close, and the final morning arrives, packing and facing the journey home are not pleasant prospects. We can't do anything to make that go away, but we have created an option to avoid the real chore of facing the departure routine of putting the rooms straight, cleaning the property, clearing the rubbish and making sure that everything is as it should be.

We call it "Up and Away" because it allows you to get up, have your breakfast and go without having to do any of the last minute chores. For a small additional charge you may leave the property just as it is after your final breakfast. No need to clear the table, do the washing-up, clean the rooms or do anything else - leave it all to us.


The charge for this facility is set by the number of guests as follows:


2 guests: £20

4 guests: £36

6 guests: £48


You may book at any time up to the day of your departure and you should contact the Office on 01677 450303.