If you are planning a dinner or visit that you would like to make even more memorable this could be just what you need.

A beautiful, chaffeur driven vehicle to whisk you to and from your destination - and no worries about whether you can have a drink or two!!

JP of Leyburn 


You can contact JP of Leyburn either by phone or email. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions to see if we are able to fulfil your requirements.

Tel: 07800 513 382

Email: info@jpofleyburn.co.uk

Available for Race Meetings, Airport Runs, Dinner Parties, Stations, Hotel Transfers.


Chris Thornton 01969 623350

M Y Private Hire 01969 623596

Star Cars Catterick 01748 835559

Frontline Taxis Catterick 01748 836600

K & N Travel Richmond 07148 812875/07734 564907